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24May 2016

Granite Le Pelley Guernsey have just completed the second of three projects using cement backed natural stone panels specifically manufactured in China with preformed corners & reveals.  The material on this project was beige granite panels,  totalling 67m², this was adhesive fixed over 12mm cement E board, the panels were also mechanically fixed using the cast in stainless steel ties every second course and at 900mm horizontal centers.

We currently have a number of vacancies ranging from apprenticeship to skilled workers.  For more information, please look at our careers page on this website.

04May 2016

The Natwest Bank building has undergone a significant spring clean over the last 8 weeks. Granite Le Pelley has been employed by their sister company, AFM, to give the well know building on the corner of Bath Street and Phillips Street a bit of a spruce up.
The stone cladding on all exterior elevations underwent a full deep clean using the DOFF cleaning system which uses low pressure and super-heated water as the cleaning agent. This cleaning system was perfect for the building which is made up of white Bulgarian Vratza Limestone with a Spanish Rose Porrino granite plinth as the low amount of water used ensured that the surface treated was not saturated. Using this system also means that fewer chemicals were required.
Once the initial clean was completed, it showed that there were a few areas on the building that required a bit of additional tlc by the way of repairing damaged stone as well as repointing which was also undertaken by Granite Le Pelley.

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